Air Compressors

At Pumps & Pressure, we understand the importance of your compressed air system's dependability. Our staff of certified technicians are fully trained to correctly size, design, inspect, and install your system for any make or model including DV, Rolair, and Topring air compressors. Our mobile service technicians are available 24/7 for complete service and repair of everything from piston & rotary screw air compressors to smaller portable electric and gas systems.

Pumps & Pressure Inc. is an authorized dealer for DV Systems – RolAir – Topring

New Sales

Compressed air is utilized in a variety if industries, it is extremely important that your compressed air system is designed and installed properly.

Pumps & Pressure Inc. staff are fully trained to accurately size and design your system to suit your current and future needs.

Replacement Parts & Installation

While we maintain a large inventory of replacement parts we also offer complete installation and upgrade of your current compressed air system.

DV Systems

Based on Ontario Canada, this Canadian Manufacturer of compressed air systems is a leader in the industry. Manufacturing Reliable, innovative industrial air compressors that are built to perform in demanding environments as well as 24/7 applications, position them as a sought after compressor. Reciprocating compressors from 5HP- 30HP and Rotary Screw compressors from 5HP-200HP is…

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RolAir Systems

Overview of RolAir compressed air systems.

With over 50 years of building Air Compressors that are specifically designed for the professional contractor, RolAir has earned a solid reputation of unsurpassed quality and reliability. For your portable electric and gas driven compressors, RolAir is the right choice as they are built to last.

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Overview of Topring compressed air systems.

Compressed air is used virtually in every industry and is a significant source of energy as well as a significant cost item for most enterprises. Using compressed air in a planned and intelligent fashion will ensure its efficiency and limit costs associated with compressed air production and distribution. With our SicoAir piping that is corrosion proof, leak free and easy to use…

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