SunFire Heaters

SunFire is the leader in quality for industrial-grade radiant heaters. Every heater is manufactured with the highest quality materials for heavy-duty long-term use.

SunFire Radiant Heaters are the only heaters of their kind. They provide a superior alternative to traditional forced air heaters by using infrared radiant technology to heat objects directly rather than just the air. As a result, SunFire heaters are the perfect choice for construction sites, warehouses, agriculture buildings, automotive garages, outdoor events, personal garages, and most other commercial and industrial heating applications.*

The diesel-fired SunFire 150 is the ultimate industrial-grade portable heater. These units provide 150,000 BTUs of infrared radiant heat. They are low noise and virtually odorless with ultra-low emissions for a superior heating experience compared to traditional torpedo-style heaters.

You have the option to connect a standard manual or battery-operated wall thermostat** to regulate temperatures in a shop, garage, or warehouse. A 120V power source is required, and these units run on diesel or #2 fuel oil.

All SunFire heaters are fully tested, supported, and come with a bumper-to-bumper 1-year limited warranty.

*Not for use in household residences

**Thermostat not included

Low Noise


Near Zero CO Emissions

Dust Free

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SunFire Heater Features

150,000 BTUs

Heats up to 3500 sq. ft.

Tip Switch for safety

Up to 19 hour run times

19 gallon fuel tank

High & Low Settings

Rubber Flat Free Wheels

Compatible with generators or 12V 800W+ pure sine inverter

Heated fuel filter for quick start-up in cold conditions

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