Design and Consulting


Like you, we want your new car wash to succeed. Our consultation services allow you to gain valuable insights into how your car wash business could perform in your area. This service is also a significant first step before starting the design and manufacturing stages.

Pumps & Pressure can provide revenue projections for your car wash with our consulting services. We base this on factors such as the cost to run your car wash and local demographics. Understanding factors like the location of your car wash, the demographics of your potential customers and traffic flow all contribute to the success of your business.


Pumps & Pressure provides expert designs for self-serve, truck washes, and touchless automatic car washes. Our team in Western Canada allows us to provide valuable insights into the design of your car wash, including its ability to operate in harsh and fluctuating Western Canadian climates.

We can provide your car and truck wash design drawings in AutoCAD and SolidWorks. These powerful tools include simulations and the ability to draw using parts or assemblies and rendering tools. This lets you understand your design better and provides a detailed guide for our manufacturing team.

We are experts in designing and providing valuable insight into the future of your new car wash; we are ready to share our knowledge with you to ensure that your car wash business is a success.

Contact your local Pumps & Pressure today to learn about our Design and Consulting services for carwash system design and consulting.