Dog Wash Stations

Our unique self-serve pet and dog washes stations are where you’ll find everything you need to get your pets looking and smelling great! Our dog wash stations have many helpful features including custom shampoo dispensers and user-friendly card readers.

For durability and simplicity, our washing stations are built completely from stainless steel, ideal for maintenance and simple clean-up. In addition, all units come with a removable pet hair strainer, user-friendly card activation systems and coloured coordinated instructional pads for easy use.

For the pets comfort our wash bays come with large tubs to accommodate pets of any size and have retractable steps, for easy pet access to the tub. All pet washing stations come with 2-speed warm air dryers and 4 different solvent dispensers including shampoo, conditioner and odour control to promote soft, smooth and healthy dog and pet hair.